Our Core Team

A Plus Testing and Inspection consists of professionals with combined experience of more than 75 years in materials testing and inspection services mainly in concrete and shotcrete testing and inspection, and various types of load testing. The individuals in the team have also extensive experience in concrete and shotcrete repair and seismic retrofitting. Our team consists of Professional Engineers registered in BC, Technologists and Construction Materials Specialists. 

Arash Khashei

Project Director, P.Eng

As project director, Mr. Khashei is responsible for day to day operation of the company.

Mr. Khashei is a Civil Engineer who has many years of experience working in precast concrete plants throughout Lower Mainland. He worked in the precast industry in the capacity of Quality Control Manager, Production and Erection Supervisor. While working in Precast Concrete plants, he developed mix designs, qualification tests on concrete mix designs, preparation of repair methodologies for precast elements, supervision of repairs and closing out Non-Conformances to the satisfaction of Engineer of Record and/or Client.

Mr. Khashei also has many years of experience as project site superintendent and assistant project manager on various structural and infrastructure projects in Middle East. Through his experience as a project superintendent he is mindful of the importance of timely requirements for quality control service and reporting to project personnel.

Mitch Mivehchi

Concrete / Shotcrete Consultant, P.Eng., PhD

Mr. Mivechi is a structural engineer and a registered professional engineer in Province of British Columbia. Mr. Mivechi is A Plus Testing and Inspection Services Engineer of Record. He is responsible for reviewing, approving and signing reports prior to submission to the client. He is also responsible for reviewing and providing input into concrete and shotcrete repair procedures and implementation.

He has over 25 years of experience in design, assessment and construction of various types of structures such as steel, concrete and wood. He has many years of experience in concrete deficiency repair procedures and implementing the repairs. He has provided repair procedures on residential and commercial building structures while witnessing the repairs and signing off once completed.

At A Plus Testing, all shotcrete inspectors are trained by Mr. Mivechi to ensure the application of structural shotcrete is performed according to structural and geotechnical specifications.

Reza Yavarkhani

Field Technician/Construction Coordinator, B.Sc. PMP

Reza Yavarkhani, B.Sc. in Civil engineering and M.Sc. in Construction Management, PMP, with 24 years of experience in the construction industry as Quality inspector, field engineer and including Five years of experience as the owner of a forming company in charge of all the rebar work and formwork in the middle east.