Our services for Construction Job Sites: 

✅ Inspection, assessment, testing services and solutions

  • Materials testing (Concrete testing, concrete coring, …)
  • Condition assessment of wood, concrete and steel structures
  • Preparing as-built drawings for existing building
  • Construction drone inspection (Aerial imaging, visual documentation & status reports)
  • Preparing City requested reports
  • Shotcrete monitoring & letter of assurance (if required)
  • Structural integrity assessment
  • Estimating the service-life of structures.
  • Various types of load testing (such as guard rail and hand rail testing)
  • Other specialty testing

✅ Construction process monitoring

  • Monitoring on application of construction materials such as insulation foams, liquid applied waterproofing membrane … 
  • Assisting or monitoring your field crew during the repair to ensure the proper repair procedure is followed
  • Proposing step by step repair procedure for the most complicated deficiencies such as concrete core wall issues and precast concrete elements

✅ Plant Audits

  • Performing precast concrete plant audits
  • Full time or part time monitoring of precast concrete production & quality control

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